First GAA Transistors: Samsung Begins 3nm Production

Samsung has announced that it has started chip production using 3nm manufacturing technology together with the Gate-All-Around (GAA) process technique. The 3nm process will provide 45% reduced power usage, 23% improved performance and 16% smaller surface area compared to the 5nm process. In the second generation 3nm process, these values ​​will be increased to 50%, 30% and 35%, respectively.

Ilk GAA Transistorler Samsung 3nm Uretimine Basliyor Wafer Yari Iletken3

The Korean semiconductor manufacturer, which has come to the end of the limits for FinFET, aims to exceed the performance limits with the first applied GAA technology, Multi-Bridge-Channel FET (MBCFET). With the new technique, while the supply voltage level is reduced, power efficiency is increased to a higher level. At the same time, the performance increases with the drive current capacity.

Samsung brands its 3GAE versatile field-effect transistors (GAAFETs) as multi-bridge channel field-effect transistors (MBCFETs). The low leakage current of the transistors is one of the key features as the gate is now surrounded by the channel on all four sides. Another advantage is that the thickness of the channels can be regulated to improve performance and reduce power consumption.

Ilk GAA Transistorler Samsung 3nm Uretimine Basliyor Wafer Yari Iletken2

The term ‘first production’ can be interpreted differently. In summary, the semiconductor giant is currently in an early stage of mass production. But regardless, Samsung Foundry can be officially branded as the world’s first chip maker with gate-all-around (GAA) transistors.

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