First Images from the Meteorite Bombed by Japan

There are many countries that contribute to the work done to examine how structures in space are formed. One of these countries is Japan, the technology giant of the Far East.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft dropped a plastic explosive bomb on the celestial body to examine the interior structure of a meteorite called Ryugu.

The spacecraft, which was circling on the other side of the celestial body in order to protect itself from possible pieces that could be thrown from the debris, returned to its original position after the bombardment area became safe. According to the images taken by the vehicle, the effect of the bombardment was more than expected.


The images taken by the vehicle showed that the crater, which is expected to be in the 2-3 meter range, is 10 meters in diameter. Kobe University professor Masahiko Arakawa said in a statement, “The surface was full of rocks, but we were able to open a crater this big. That means there’s something special we don’t know about Ryugu’s materials.” used the phrases.

Japan has been trying to collect samples from Ryugu with the Hayabusa2 vehicle for some time now. The spacecraft had previously fired at the celestial body with very large tantalum bullets and collected the scattered pieces.

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