First Monkeypox Case Seen in Turkey

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, on Twitter last minute comment made. In the statements made by Minister Koca, The first case of monkeypox was seen in Turkey. announced. Minister Koca, who also shared information about the case, stated that there was no alarming situation.

According to the statements of Minister Fahrettin Koca, the first monkeypox case in Turkey 37 years old an individual. Saying that this person has a weak immune system, Koca said that contact follow-up was made, but no signs of disease were found in anyone else. For the first monkeypox case in Turkey isolation proceedingshas also been made.

Here is the statement made by Fahrettin Koca:

“One of our patients was diagnosed with monkeypox. The patient is 37 years old, immune system deficiency there is. He is in isolation. Contact follow-up was done, no other case was found. AS WE KNOW, this disease is not respiratory, by close physical contactcontagious.”

For answers to questions such as what is monkeypox disease, how are the symptoms understood, how is it transmitted:

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