First Porsche Branded Car to Be Sold at Auction

Monterey Auto Week, held annually in August, will host a legend’s auction this year. The last undamaged Type 64 model will continue to exist in the new owner’s gallery after the auction. By the way, the tank is not the Type 64; The Type 64, the first car to bear the Porsche nameplate.


There were only 3 original Type 64 models, but only two of them survive. One of these models is badly damaged. The other was never ‘disturbed’ after it was renovated in 1947. This model, which will be put up for auction, continues to be preserved at the Petersen Automotive Museum.


Construction of the Type 64 first began in 1939. The aim was to produce a car that would participate in the 1,500 kilometer Berlin-Rome auto race. Meanwhile, Volkswagen had also developed the KdF-Wagen model and was preparing to introduce it. The problem is that in the same year Germany declared war on Poland and the introduction of the KdF-Wagen and the production of the Type 64 were delayed.


When the waters calmed down, the engineers who developed the Porsche 356 focused this time on the Type 64. This car, built for speed, has reached the desired level with its advanced aerodynamics, magnificent power and light structure. The Type 64 became the first car to be officially registered under the Porsche brand in 1946.


The highest fee ever paid for a Porsche car was 14,080,000 dollars, or 84 million TL. Gooding & Company paid that price for a 1970 Porsche 917K in 2017. So how high will this number be for Type 64? Expectations are for the Type 64 to set a new record and sell for over $20 million.

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