First Reactions to Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel’s long-awaited new movie To Thor: Love and Thunder We are very close to meeting. The production, in which we will see Thor, the beloved character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, returned to his form, ended its premiere in the past hours. The film was shown to the participants, who, of course, attended the premiere.

Thor: Love and Thunder Those who had the chance to see the film at its premiere He also shared his first views about the movie on social media. Opinions that shed some light on what we can expect from the movie have generally been gathered in one spot. The audience of the movie naturally enjoyed the comedy and acting of the movie. Let’s take a look at the first reactions to Thor: Love and Thunder.

First reactions to Thor: Love and Thunder:


“Thor: Love and Thunder is predictably funny but unexpectedly personal and heartfelt. The performances by Christian Bale and Natalie Portman really shine, while Waititi delivers an emotional story. I think this might be my favorite Thor movie.”


“So basically, if you like Taika Waititi’s style of Thor you’ll love Thor: Love and Thunder, and if you don’t like Taika Waititi’s style, then you won’t.”


“Everyone is great in Thor: Love and Thunder, but the magic goats Toothgrinder and Tooghgnasher are the highlights; When are the independent Disney+ shows?”


“Wow. Thor: Love and Thunder is the perfect blend of comedy and Taika at its best and all in one. I left this movie emotionally satisfied, but also crying and perfectly fine. Dad, we have a rock music. In the words of my new favorite characters: AHH”


“Thor: Love and Thunder is what I imagined it would be like to live in Taika Waititi’s mind. It’s wild, funny, a little bit all over the middle, but in the end it all comes together in a surprising, touching, and satisfying way. There are too many Guns n Roses. Too much.”


“Thor: Love and Thunder is a great time, with exciting action, lots of laughter (screaming goats!), and a deep story about lost gods and our desire for love. Natalie Portman makes a spectacular comeback and Christian Bale wreaks havoc as the dreaded Gorr. The best Thor movie ever!”


“Thor: Love and Thunder is definitely exciting. My favorite Thor movie of the quadruple. Taika Waititi from start to finish. It’s mature, the soundtrack is great, and there are great surprises. It’s so fun. It feels like the best of MCU Phase 1 and Phase 4 in a single entry. I loved.”


“Thor: Love and Thunder is much more segmented than I anticipated. It offers big laughs. A very standard, cookie-cutter villain with Christian Bale. I want the cop comedy starring Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson. Matt Damon should go to Broadway. Post generic is AMAZING! Pure fun.”


“Thor Love And Thunder is the best comedy to come out of the MCU. It has Taika’s signature style all over it! I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed some more. What an amazing movie!”

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 7.

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