FlexyTime will increase earnings by bringing office discipline to freelancers

According to ILO estimates, more than 1 billion freelancers are racing against time while doing their jobs. Increasingly technological and innovative applications are also preparing the infrastructure for freelancers to work faster and more efficiently. Customizable systems provide freelancers with office discipline and offer a productivity-oriented roadmap.

The freelance working model, which has become increasingly widespread with the pandemic, reshapes the rules of business life with the increase in productivity as well as the time and cost savings it creates. According to the data of the International Labor Organization (ILO), freelancers, which are estimated to consist of approximately 1.1 billion people in the world, represent 35% of the global workforce. Freelance jobs are expected to make up 80 percent of the global workforce by 2030. FlexyTime Co-Founder Arda Diker, stating that the freelance working model has become increasingly widespread with the effect of the pandemic in Turkey, said, “Today, the weight of freelancers is increasing in many business areas from digital marketing to graphic design, from software to content development, from communication to law. While those who adopt the freelance working model bring efficiency and flexibility to their work, they may gain additional income because they cannot manage time well. We accelerate the workflows of freelancers with modules such as Automatic Time Tracking, Time-Cost Calculation, Powerful Reporting, and Productivity Targeting. Thus, we prevent loss of earnings that may be caused by adaptation problems that employees may experience in their daily work flows. We act as a tool for them to effectively manage time by bringing office discipline to their homes.”

Efficiency-oriented perspective becomes permanent with FlexyTime

Pointing out that efficiency has become an important focus in the new working order brought by the pandemic, Arda Diker said: “With FlexyTime, which we offer an effective productivity measurement to companies and employees, we enable employees to use their most precious treasure, time, in the best way possible. Evaluations such as monitoring the starting and ending hours, calculating the break, working and meeting hours are guiding for corporate companies as well as freelance employees to calculate their productivity. With our customizable system, we determine the right roadmap according to the habits of freelancers. Employees can analyze the results they obtained at the end of a day’s work with the report we prepared. Thus, they can use their time to increase their income by focusing only on their work.

Integrating employees into the dynamics of the digital age

Arda Diker said that they aim to add value to the identities of freelancers in business life by automating evaluations such as monitoring the starting and ending hours, calculating break, working and meeting hours, and said, “Employees can analyze their productivity by accounting for a day with a single click. By seeing how much time they spend on which job and how this is reflected in the end-of-day earnings table, they can program their work with a focus on quality and quantity. As FlexyTime, we make our activities sustainable by integrating freelancers into the internal dynamics of the digital age.”

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