For the first time, a Turkish company is on the same list with world giants!

Atak Domain, one of the important companies of the domain name industry in Turkey, was included in the same list with the global giants in the April 2021 report of Garner Insights MRV. While the Izmit-based company is the first Turkish company to be included in the list, it is among the organizations with the fastest growth potential in the next 5 years.

In parallel with the widespread use of the Internet, the need for domain names for websites is increasing day by day. While there are more than 360 million registered domain names in the world, the success of Turkish players in the market draws attention. Finally, the domestic domain name company Atak Domain was included in the same list with the world giants in the Garner Insights MRV April 2021 report, in which the world-renowned research company Garner identifies the leading players of the industry and shares predictions about the 2021-2025 projection. Shown as the fastest growing domain name registrar in Turkey, Atak Domain has thus succeeded in adding the name of a Turkish company to the list of American companies, for the first time. The domestic domain name registrar was also shown among the organizations with the fastest growth potential in the next 5 years, along with GoDaddy and Atak Domain is expected to become prominent all over the world in a short time.

“We are pleased to be associated with the giants of the world”

Bahaddin Yazıcı, General Manager of Atak Domain, stated that it is not a coincidence that he came under the radar of a research company that guides and makes reputable reports in many fields such as aviation, finance, construction, machinery industry, as well as the technology sector. We have more than one domain reseller. We maintain registration operations with the best prices for almost all domain extensions globally. The most important reason for our rapid growth by separating from more than 2,000 domain name organizations in the global market is the integration technologies and customer-first service approach that we constantly invest in. As Atak Domain, we are pleased to contribute to the foreign exchange inflow in Turkey and to be associated with world giants as a domestic technology company.”

All technologies are produced in Turkey

Referring to the fact that Turkey is one of the countries that benefited most from the digitalization wind accelerated by the pandemic, Bahaddin Yazıcı said, “We implement all innovations that compete with the technologies produced by the world’s states in our R&D center in Kocaeli University Technopark campus. We believe that we will reach the growth targets in line with the predictions in Garner’s report in a much shorter time than expected. Today, we provide service to anyone who wants to start selling domain names in 10 different languages, including Turkish, and enable them to easily create a reseller account at We invite all businesses that are thinking of setting up their own website to easily register domains via, go digital with ready-made website or other hosting options and SSL.”

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