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There is no doubt that dragons are one of the first creatures that come to mind when it comes to fantasy works. However, these dragons naturally have different characteristics within themselves. Dragons, as we all know, are of great importance in the Game of Thrones universe. According to the article published by FRPNET, the sour lexicographer bigboned briefly told us about these creatures that shaped the history of Westeros. But before we start our list, let’s take a look at the concept of dragon through the eyes of author George RR Martin.


  • George RR Martin takes dragons from a more evolutionary perspective. Dragons, which have 4 legs and 2 wings in many fantastic works, appear as 2 legs and 2 wings in the Game of Thrones universe. Martin attributes this to the fact that he has never seen a creature with four legs and wings in nature. As we have seen in the TV series
  • , dragons can be born as small as a kitten and grow to gigantic sizes. A dragon that has enough food and is free continues to grow until it dies.
  • The longest known living dragon of Westeros is Balerion, who lived for over 220 years.
  • Dragons’ bodies radiate heat. It is believed that dragons, who eat their prey by cooking it with their own fire, are the flesh and bone of the fire.
  • Dragons, whose bones are stronger than steel, become more resistant to fire thanks to their scales that harden as they age. Also, the bigger they get, the stronger their flames get. For example, the fire of great dragons like Balerion and Vhagar is powerful enough to melt stone and steel.
  • The weak point of these dangerous and magnificent creatures is their eyes. Dragons can die by being shot in the eye, and dragon fire can blind them.
  • Being highly intelligent creatures, dragons can also understand commands. Allowing only 1 master in their lifetime, dragons’ personalities can be unpredictable and very dangerous when they don’t have a master. Dragons, who do not allow anyone but their master to ride them, have rarely been seen allowing a second person to ride while their master is on their back. Other than that, dragons whose masters have died can accept a new master.
  • Records of their ability to command dragons disappeared with Valyria. Valyrian mages have managed to inherit these abilities. Thus, being of Valyrian descent appears to play an important role in dragon lordship. For example, House Targaryen, of Valyrian origin, prefers incestuous marriage in order not to lose these hereditary characteristics.
  • The dragon abilities mentioned are thought to be related to the X chromosome. Males with this X chromosome can ride dragons. Females with dragon abilities on both chromosomes can also enable dragon eggs to produce offspring.


Now that we have a main idea about dragons, we can start reviewing dragons in Westeros history.

Balerion (Black Dread)



Aegon I. Targaryen

Maegor I Targaryen

Viserys I Targaryen

Black Dread Balerion is the largest dragon in the history of Westeros. It was used by Aegon I Targaryen during his invasion of Westeros. Balerion is the only dragon born in Valyria who has managed to reach Westeros. He died of natural causes at an age thought to be over 220 in 94.




Visenya Targaryen

Laena Velaryon

Aemond Targaryen

Vhagar, though not as big as Balerion, is the best warrior dragon Westeros has ever seen. Expelled by Visenya Targaryen during the conquest of Westeros. In the Dance of Dragons, which deals with the Targaryen civil war, he killed two dragons, Caraxes and Arrax. Another dragon also played a role in the death of Meleys. Died while fighting Caraxes during the War under the Eyes of the Gods . Caraxes and Vhagar crashed into the Eye of the Gods Lake with their riders, clinging to each other’s throat and wing. It is said that during the Fall, Daemon Targaryen jumped over Caraxes to Vhagar and killed Aemond Targaryen.




Rhaenys Targaryen

He is the unfortunate of the three involved in the conquest of Westeros. He was shot in the eye by a ballista at the Battle of Dorne and died, along with his driver, Rhaenys Targaryen.

Caraxes (Blood Dragon)


Daemon Targaryen

One of the two most powerful dragons of the era One of them, Caraxes , died fighting Vhagar during the War under the Eyes of the Gods .




Aenys Targaryen I

Aegon Targaryen (Prince)

was killed, along with his driver, Aegon, by Balerion, mounted by Maegor I Targaryen, during the War under the Eyes of the Gods.


Vermithor (Bronze Fury)


I. Jaehaerys Targaryen

Hugh the Hammer

Vermithor died while fighting the dragons Seasmoke and Tessarion during the Dance of the Dragons. However, he inflicted severe wounds on these dragons and took them with him.



Laenor Velaryon

Addam Velaryon

Dragons He died while fighting the dragons Vermithor and Tessarion during his dance.


Tessarion (Blue Queen)


Daeron Targaryen

fought Vermithor and Seasmoke to the death during the Dance of the Dragons, surviving mortally wounded. However, he was killed the next day out of mercy.



Alysanne Targaryen

Ulf the Sot

After Vermithor died, he disappeared from his grief. He was last seen at Red Lake north of the Reach and is believed to have died of natural causes.


Meleys (Red Queen)


Rhaenys Targaryen (Princess )

was killed by the dragons Vhagar and Sunfyre in the battle at the Crow’s Nest during the Dance of the Dragons civil war.



Rhaena Targaryen (Princess)

Helaena Targaryen

Dreamfyre died during the Dragonpit Raid during the Dance of the Dragons, during the riots in King’s Landing, when a group of rebels raided the Dragonpit , where the dragons were held . Unlike the other 3 dragons there who died in chains, Dreamfyre managed to break free of its chains. Although she killed many rebels, she died when she crashed into the Dragonpit’s dome and collapsed onto it.




Jaehaera Targaryen (Princess)

Morghul was killed during the Dragonpit Raid before he could be driven.



Jaehaerys Targaryen (Prince)

Shrykos, who shared the same fate with Morghul He was also killed during the Dragonpit Raid.




Joffrey Velaryon

Another dragon that died during the Dragonpit Raid was Tyraxes.

Sunfyre (Gold)


II. Aegon Targaryen

Known as the most beautiful dragon in Westeros history, Sunfyre suffers a partial paralysis during the Battle of Meleys during the Dance of the Dragons. However, he manages to recover, albeit not completely. He gets several more wounds while slaying a dragon named Gray Ghost. Most recently, he dies from injuries sustained while fighting a dragon named Moondancer.



Jacaerys Velaryon

The bloodiest naval battle Westeros has ever seen Died during the Battle of the Gate by crashing into the sea with his driver. It is said that he was shot in the eye with a bow before he was shot.




Lucerys Velaryon

He was slain by Vhagar at the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons.



Baela Targaryen

Sunfy during the siege of Dragonstone during the Dance of the Dragons has been killed.




III. Aegon Targaryen

died on Dragonstone from injuries sustained when the Three Sisters attacked his fleet.



Rhaena Targaryen

It is believed that she died young of unknown causes.

Grey Ghost (Wild Dragon)

Gray Ghost, one of the untamed dragons, lived around Dragon Mountain, a volcanic mountain in Dragonstone. He was killed by Sunfyre.


Cannibal (Wild Dragon)

is another wild dragon that lived on Dragonstone. It got its name, which means cannibal, because it hunts baby dragons and eggs. He mysteriously disappeared after the Dance of the Dragons.

Sheepstealer (Wild Dragon)



Who started life as a wild dragon Sheepstealer slaughtered many lords who tried to tame him. It is even rumored that the number of lords he has killed is greater than all the wild dragons in Westeros combined. However, he is tamed during the Dance of the Dragons by a girl named Nettles, believed to be a Targaryen or Velaryon bastard. Sheepstealer and Nettles fled Westeros during the Civil War and were never heard from again.

The Last Dragon

III. Born in King’s Landing when Aegon Targaryen was the holder of the Iron Throne, the Last Dragon, whose real name is unknown, is said to be sickly and weak. The Last Dragon, who died in 153, was the last dragon of Westeros until Daenerys Targaryen’s 3 dragons were born 146 years later.

Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal


were born in 299 by Daenerys Targaryen in the Dothraki Sea. Daenerys is Drogon’s rider, and the other 2 dragons have yet to adopt a rider.

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