Game of Thrones’ Episode 2 Has Been Pirated Before It’s Released

The Game of Thrones series is one of the most successful and most spectator productions on television in recent years. The series has a huge fan base. HBO has a hard time directing this audience to their services because they face a serious piracy problem.

Episodes of the series and information about the series frequently fall on the internet. Finally, the second episode of the 8th season of the series fell on the internet hours before it was officially released. Video from the German version of Amazon Prime has landed on torrent sites. Hours before it went on air, it became possible to watch the series as a pirate on the internet.


The second episode of the series started playing as soon as the first episode ended. A user who noticed this situation opened a thread on reddit on the subject. Conclusion? Someone immediately took advantage of the opportunity and put it on the Internet.

Many episodes of Game of Thrones have been leaked before. In 2015, the first 4 episodes of the series were previously online. In 2017, an episode of Game of Thrones leaked early. As a result of this incident, 4 people were sentenced.


If the deficit experienced yesterday seems to be an error of Amazon, but the result was the same. Those who watched the series as pirates watched the series before those who paid to watch the series and filled the internet with spoilers.

Game of Thrones is by far the most pirated TV show of recent years. The first episode of the series was illegally watched 54 million times on the day it was released.

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