Game of Thrones Finale: What Did He Do, What Couldn’t He Do? (Spoilers)

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones has come to an end. Now it’s time to sit down after the series and discuss what’s what, filling the internet with theories.

The last two shortened “concentrate” seasons, which people don’t like very much, emerge from both the posts on the internet and the scores of the episodes. After leaving the books behind, we somehow came to the end of the series, which started to not give people the same taste.

First of all, having Jon kill Dany at the end of the series was pretty much the only way the series could make sense and Dany’s story could be completed, or at least we did. There would continue to be conflict as long as Dany and the Throne were in the middle. In my personal opinion, the reason why Drogon didn’t burn Jon and melt the throne was because he was aware that it was the throne, not Jon, that caused Daenerys to go insane and die. Although his brothers roamed in the winged giant lizard mode, Drogon proved to be a true dragon with his wisdom, intelligence and strength.


The series finale ended happily for everyone except Daenerys. We can say that he is happier than the least expected. In the minds of many fans, the story had a darker ending. Dany’s death scene was one of the best-edited and cleverest scenes of the last season, and the acting was superb. Even the grieving of our CGI dragon, which is green foam at its core, was truly felt.

On the other hand, Dany’s ending was very rushed, as people have been saying throughout the series. There were many references to the character coming here, foreshadowing in English. For years, “I will burn my enemies, stone on stone, my husband!” People wouldn’t have reacted so much if Daenerys’s extreme movements hadn’t suddenly changed direction. Okay, story-wise, the Targaryens are prone to madness, but they don’t go mad all of a sudden. They get to that point as a result of a process. When you export that process in the form of, people do not welcome it, the character development that has been experienced for years suddenly disappears.

While the nihilism in Game of Thrones books is generally appreciated, it also raises criticisms of lazy authorship. Almost every character who rises above a level is killed and leaves the series without disturbing the balance in the story. Character development is incomplete. However, this is accepted as it has become the general structure of the series. The ending of the series is disappointing in places, with a happier ending than normally expected and not answering some questions, but overall it is above and better than the quality of the season.

The star of the episode is unquestionably Tyrion. Giving the throne to someone by election, not by birth, is a step towards democracy. It is not known how the result will be, if tomorrow we will see households scamming each other as “Game of Elections”, it is known that the series is over. Also, the scene where he finds the bodies of his dead brothers and his conversation with Jon put Tyrion in a separate place.


Bran’s choice isn’t too unreasonable, although it doesn’t get huge support from fans. He becomes a very wise and useful king who has all the memory of humanity, has done no harm to anyone. It’s also ideal for the new throne system, as she will not be able to have children of her own and the throne will be handed down by choice.

The problem is that Bran hasn’t been able to endear himself to the audience as a person. Although he reveals important events in the story from time to time, he is a hero who is not very remarkable and people cannot connect with. At this point, it might make much more sense to give the throne to Tyrion and use Bran and his abilities for the Hand/Psychic/sacred quest.

Sansa alone became queen in Winterfell. He will need to find a king with him, and if possible continue the Stark bloodline. None of her siblings will be there. It’s hard work. He is the last representative of a house that is about to go extinct. Oh, we’ll see if this stops him or if he makes his house grow again in time.


Finally, Arya completed her journey by sailing to the seas. Maisie Williams and Arya Stark have become star names for HBO. Naturally, this ending sounds like the ending Guy Ritchie often uses in his films, “Let’s leave a cliffhanger here, if it catches, we’ll shoot the sequel”. Maybe he shoots a new series for Arya, tells new stories with new actors, while they continue to eat the bread of Game of Thrones. If science fiction can go from generation to generation, fantasy fiction can go too. Even the name is ready if they want it: Stark Trek: The First Frontier.

Setting aside the process so far, the finale was emotionally plausible, aside from leaving a lot of unanswered questions, allowing Jon, Dany, and Arya’s characters to wrap up their stories.

Although the last two seasons were not very bright, Game of Thrones is now over and left a big gap on the screens.

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