Game of Thrones Says Goodbye, Breaking HBO’s Record

You can love or hate Game of Thrones. You can’t deny that the series has really reached a huge audience and that it is the most phenomenal production of recent years, because the numbers clearly show this.


With the final on the night of May 19, the series said goodbye to the screens, at least for now. The final episode of the series was watched by 19.4 million people on HBO services. These services also included the HBO GO and HBO Now platforms. The previous record belonged to the previous episode of the series and reached 18.4 million viewers in total.

The series also became the most watched episode in television history. 13.6 million people watched the last episode of Game of Thrones on television. The previous record was the first episode of The Sopranos season 4, which was watched by 13.4 million viewers.

Despite the criticism of the final season of Game of Thrones, it was watched more than 10 million times per episode than the 7th season. The average number of views per episode of the eighth season was 44.2 million.


HBO will release a new Game of Thrones documentary in the coming days. This documentary, dated May 26, will be called making Game of Thrones.

While saying goodbye to the screens, the Game of Thrones series managed to go down in history statistically, maybe not in the sense of story, by breaking another record and saying goodbye to it.

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