Games with mods are coming to Android

Continuing its rapid growth, the mobile game industry generated $116 billion in revenue in 2021. While the global gaming industry, together with all its stakeholders, has created a large community that corresponds to approximately one fourth of the world’s population, a new platform that has been released has offered players the opportunity to modify Android games as they wish for the first time.

The mobile game market continued its rapid growth in 2021 as well. According to App Annie data, the total number of mobile gamers in the mobile game industry, which generated a total revenue of 116 billion dollars last year, approached 2.7 billion. The increasing interest of mobile players in personalized gaming experiences has brought innovations in the industry. Adapting the modification feature, which is familiar from popular games on the PC platform, to mobile games was among the biggest of these innovations. Rosen Sharma, Founder and CEO of the cloud-based Android game platform BlueStacks, which announced the world’s first mobile game modification platform, evaluated the player expectations with the following words: “We predict that by 2025, the majority of mobile gamers will play modded games. With Creator Studio & Creator Hub, the world’s first mobile game modding platform we developed based on these predictions, we make mobile game modification accessible to the global player community. The platforms we announced offer mobile gamers an environment where they can create and share endless versions of the games they love.”

“Mod games are an important tool for players to express themselves”

Stating that mobile games developed by Creator Studio and Creator Hub in Cocos, Unity and Unreal Engine game engines allow players to be modified and reach billions of users, Rosen Sharma said, “Mod games are an important tool for players to express themselves. Also supported by the mobile cloud and its NFG platform, BlueStacks Creator Studio and Creator Hub have three levels of modding. While basic modding involves playing with colors, mid-level involves modifying in-game events such as effects when winning or losing. Users with advanced modding can easily change two- and three-dimensional textures, including the outfits of their avatars in the game, and share these mods with the entire game community.”

“Mobile games took the power of the cloud”

Reminding that BlueStacks App Player, which had 1 billion downloads in the last quarter of last year, was accelerated by the power of the mobile cloud and launched the world’s first game streaming service with BlueStacks X, BlueStacks CEO Robin Sharma concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Creator Studio and Creator Hub can run on BlueStacks X application, which allows you to play Android games on any device, or in the cloud. Thanks to this platform, which allows to customize popular games and share these modes with everyone without the need for code knowledge, players can also access thousands of mods created by other players or publishers they love. Previously, we have made moves that we believe are transformative in the mobile gaming world with our NFG ( fungible games) innovations, which open the door to the metaverse of mobile game development, as well as BlueStacks X. Bringing the modification power familiar from popular PC games to mobile games, BlueStacks Creator Studio and Creator Hub will shape the future of mobile gaming as a continuation of these moves.”

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