Gasoline and LPG Discounts Expected – July 2

The retreat of Brent oil prices and the fall of the dollar rate, in fuel prices continues to decline. According to information obtained from industry sources after a discount of more than 3 lira on diesel, now there will be discounts on gasoline and LPG. DiscountsThe kind that will put a smile on the face of the citizens.

According to the claims of industry sources, per liter of gasoline 2.13 TL, per liter of LPG 1.71 TL discount will be given. The discount, which will be valid as of tonight, will also be reflected in the pump prices. With this discount, gasoline will be reduced to 25 TL and LPG to 10 TL.

How will the signs in big cities change?


If the claims of the industry sources come true, the gasoline and LPG price signs will change as follows:


  • Gasoline: 25.17 TL
  • LPG: 10.69 TL


  • Gasoline: 25.30 TL
  • LPG: 10.66 TL


  • Gasoline: 25.29 TL
  • LPG: 10.56 TL

Prices Shell’s Let’s say that we calculate by taking the website as a source. With this; Let us remind you of the freedom of the market in the fuel sector. In other words, even if the prices are a few cents, depending on the province and district you are in. may vary.

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