German Director Herzog: My Movies Are Downloadable Online

German director Werner Herzog, known for both his documentaries and films, has a mindset unlike other producers and directors. In the movie industry, which is at war with pirated films, one of the best forms of distribution, according to Herzog, is pirate distribution.


Attracting attention with his psychological films, Herzog has undersigned numerous films and documentaries. In addition, the director, who has many awards, has received 3 awards from the Cannes Film Festival. Herzog, who took part in an interview at the Visions du Réel Film Festival held in Switzerland and made a statement after it was stated that his films can only be found on illegal sites, stated that piracy is one of the best distribution tools and said, “If you want to steal it somehow, it’s okay.” Explaining that it is easy to access movies online and this ease makes him happy, Herzog stated that they ask why 15-year-old children cannot see their movies.

Herzog, which has a website under its own name, sells its own productions on this site. Despite this, the fact that he is not against pirated distributions coincides with the personality of the famous director.

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