Global IT distributor Axoft shakes hands with cloud security specialist Aqua Security

The remote working order, which has increased with the effect of the pandemic, has revealed new security risks while rapidly growing cloud services. There is a need for new generation solutions that will secure the cloud infrastructure against cyber attackers. Cyber ​​security distributor Axoft, which has recently increased its investment in Turkey, announced that Aqua Security, which specializes in cloud security, will offer its solutions to companies in our country.

While the cloud computing market is growing rapidly with the effect of the pandemic, especially employees who switch to remote working order and access their companies’ files and applications through cloud services open the door to cyber attacks. According to Report Linker’s estimations, in the cloud computing market, which is expected to reach 623.3 billion dollars in 2023, cyber security attacks increase not only in number but also in scope and complexity, while potential risks in cloud environments, which are increasingly used, pave the way for new security attacks. Research reveals that 90% of companies, or 9 out of 10 companies, are vulnerable to security breaches due to incorrect cloud configurations. This picture, which is similar in Turkey, highlights our country as an important investment route for cyber security companies. Finally, Russia-based cyber security distributor Axoft, which expanded its investments in our country by opening an office in Istanbul last May, announced that it has now shaken hands with Aqua Security, the world’s leading cloud cyber security initiative.

Next generation security solutions that protect the cloud from cyber attacks are in Turkey!

Aqua Security’s next-generation solutions, which secure the cloud infrastructure to ensure the security of cloud-based services, will be offered to companies in our country, which were exposed to nearly 120,000 cyber attacks last year, through Axoft. With a valuation of more than $1 billion, Aqua Security’s fully scalable solutions, which have received $265 million in investment to date, are cloud solutions for companies of all sizes that use multiple cloud accounts with providers such as AWS, Azure and Google, primarily in the finance, telecom, online services, retail and software development industries. will meet your security needs.

It will expand its European and Asian experience starting from Turkey.

Axoft Strategic Development Director Evgeniy Kurtukov, who made a statement on the subject, stated that they shook hands with Aqua Security to carry the experience of the company in Russia and EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) countries to different geographies, especially Turkey, and said: “The local security platform they have developed. Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform provides automation of prevention, detection and response throughout the entire application lifecycle to secure cloud infrastructure. It makes vulnerability management intuitive, prevents exploit attempts, and protects against supply chain attacks. Aqua Security has many success stories with end-to-end solutions, many of which are first in their industry. We aim to write new ones in the Turkish market as well.”

“Turkey has an important place in our strategic growth plans”

“Our research shows that 90% of companies are vulnerable to security breaches due to cloud misconfigurations,” said Sarah Goodchild, Sales Director, Aqua Security Partners. Our expertise is to empower companies with solutions that secure their cloud infrastructure. In this context, we are happy to strengthen our competencies with Axoft’s local experience and put them at the disposal of companies in Turkey, which we see as a strategic market in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Region. Turkey has an important place in our strategic growth plans.”

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