Global SOAR market to approach $1.8 billion by 2024

Cybersecurity risks are increasing day by day and are getting more and more complex. Global IT distributor Axoft, which has expanded its investments in Turkey this year, has announced that it will expand its partnership with Siemplify in the country. Businesses will be able to start using the SOAR platform, which enables security operations to be managed from a single point.

Digital transformation, which brings efficiency to the activities of companies, also increases cyber security risks. The threat posed by the rise in cyber attacks leads companies to seek cyber security services. The global SOAR (Security Regulation, Automation and Response) market is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2024 with a compound annual growth of 15.6%. The high growth expectation in the market brings along new collaborations. Global IT distributor Axoft announced that it will carry its partnership with the independent security provider Siemplify to the Turkish market, enabling companies to respond faster and more precisely to cyber threats of all sizes. With the Siemplify SOAR platform, all sales activities will be supported by Axoft, it will enable businesses to manage cyber security from a single point. With the SOAR platform, companies will be able to protect themselves against cyber threats by collecting their data in secure sources.

Automation is a bona fide weapon against cyber attacks

Stating that automation and orchestration have become the core competencies of cyber security operations, Axoft Strategic Development Director Evgeniy Kurtukov made an assessment on the subject: “With this capability, Siemplify paves the way for gaining defense power against threats by establishing cybersecurity partnerships with companies. We brought the automation capability, which enables companies to react quickly to cyber security threats, on the SOAR platform under the name of Secure Operations Center. In our studies, we have determined that the Safe Operations Center has increased its automation competence. Automation serves as a bona fide weapon in the fight against hackers’ attacks using multiple automation tools.”

Creating a safe space in digital

Stating that companies can manage all cyber security threats at the same time with the SOAR platform, Evgeniy Kurtukov said, “With the platform, we not only give companies the power to defend against possible cyber attacks, but also create a safe digital space. We guarantee the cyber security of companies. With this approach, we gain time and speed in our operations by anticipating the threats that may arise.”

Shaping local operations with the power of the cloud

Commenting on the cooperation, Siemplify EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Channel Sales Director Mark Mcdaid said, “With Axoft, which we see as part of our team, we will expand our field of activity and focus on global corporate companies in the MSSP (Managed security services provider) market. With the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, which we created with the power we get from cloud technologies, we shape our local operations with the power we get from cloud technologies. In this way, we take playbooks and case management beyond standard SOAR security services and deepen them with our applications such as interactive research, crisis management, and embedded business intelligence.”

Security operations are being redesigned with the change in business

Stating that the accelerating digital transformation activities in Turkey have increased the demands for the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, Mark Mcdaid said, “Our activities in Turkey are an important part of our strategy to increase our effectiveness in international markets. The location independence created by the pandemic on employees, customers, suppliers and corporate ecosystems has made it necessary to develop new versions that bring together more applications for the protection of companies’ cyber security. We design our new releases by shaping them according to the increasing security needs of companies. Automation and regulation have become core capabilities in modern security operations. With automation, we save analysts from repetitive and tedious tasks, enabling them to work in productive jobs where they can add value to their companies, and to take part in high-level positions.”

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