Gmail Design is Changing Again!

US-based technology giant Google, popular email service gmail started to distribute the new interface created for users. The interface that has been offered as optional until now, in the next process by default will be available to users. So what does Gmail’s new interface promise to users?

Google has been offering services for a while. to connect for continues its work. We were seeing the clearest indication of this in Gmail as well. If you go in today and look at the design in Gmail, the menus on the left included areas reserved for Google Meet, Chats, and Hangouts. However, this new design there will be no overlap . The new design looks like it will be more tidy than the current one.

Here’s what Gmail’s new interface will look like:


Google’s new interface for Gmail, again focuses on the left side of the screen . However, the nesting situation is absent in this new design. For developers, email, Chats, Meet and Spaces services adding a new menu section to the left individual menus they created. In this way, a user who will only examine their e-mails will use the Mail section, and a user who wants to take advantage of the video conference feature will use the Meet section.

The current design looked like this:


According to Google, users can change the location of the services they want in the new interface, they can lift . The only thing that needs to be done for this is when the Gmail screen is opened, in the upper right corner. Settings using the button. By using this section after the transition to the new interface, you will be able to hide the service you want permanently.

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