Good News for Steam Deck Waiters: Production Increases

Unfortunately, Steam Deck, which has attracted great interest from its introduction, is not officially sold in our country. One of these portable consoles reached us and we opened the box. So many details about Deck will be with you soon.

As you know, it is difficult to reach these consoles even abroad, because with the pre-order, a certain segment of users is sold. Valve has now shared great news for gamers, saying that the number of Steam Decks produced per week has more than doubled. The company also announced that it has made shipments for reservations in the second quarter, and preparations for the third quarter have begun.

Long story short, Steam Deck game consoles, whose production numbers have doubled, will reach customers much sooner than before. However, the expected availability date hasn’t changed and it still appears as “October 2022 or later”. But the date has remained the same for months and an update may be forthcoming soon.

According to Valve, Steam Deck has been Steam’s “best seller” since April. This shows that there is a great demand for Deck. On the other hand, the company can supply a higher amount of Van Gogh SoC from AMD, and produce more game consoles, with the reduction of GPU shortage.

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