Good News from Dead Island 2, which has not been heard for 5 years

Developed by Sumo Digital, Dead Island is a survival RPG game released in 2011. The positive comments of Dead Island, which offers a tense atmosphere to the players, led the company to develop the second game of the game.

Dead Island 2 first surfaced in 2014, and the company showed off a game with impressive graphics and a tense and exciting environment. The problem is that Dead Island 2, which you can see in the link below, has still not been released since then.

Lars Wingefors from THQ Nordic, the video game distributor, talked about Dead Island 2 once again during his financial presentation today and stated that the studio is still working on the game and that new developments should be followed.

To be honest, Dead Island 2’s cinematic trailer showed a very enjoyable game with good graphics for 2014. In the intervening five years, the game world has made great progress and it is doubtful whether Dead Island 2 will really still be a ‘good’ game.

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