Google and Apple Requested to Ban TikTok!

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to Google and Apple made an important call. In the letter written by an FCC official, TikTok is available from the Google Play Store and App Store. asked to remove . Those who remember the Donald Trump era know the tension between TikTok and the US administration. So what happened now that the USA and TikTok came face to face?

The letter written by the FCC official is quite serious. Because both companies Time has been granted until July 8 . Apple and Google need to respond by this date. Otherwise, it is not yet known what action the FCC will take. Unknown . Let’s take a closer look at the US claims about TikTok.

“Tiktok is not just a video sharing platform”


In the letter, written by an FCC official named Brendan Carr, it is claimed that TikTok is not an ordinary video sharing platform. According to the FCC official, this platform is used by the Chinese government ” surveillance” application. Saying that the data of US users is not safe, the official said that the platform become a national security risk. and it says this is unacceptable. Carr, whose claims have been exposed in the recent past, sound to your recordsbasing it.

Data from US users also went to China

One of the proposals for the tension between the US and TikTok is that the data of US users was to stay in the USA . However, it turned out that this was not the case. According to the audio recordings that were served in the past days, he was supposed to stay in the USA. user data available from Beijing . This audio recording has caused the FCC official to write a letter to explain the situation and to activate Google and Apple.

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