Google App 9.72 Beta Released

The Google Application, which makes users’ lives easier, is constantly updated by the technology industry giant Google. The last beta update released; While bringing innovations to applications such as Google Lens, Google Podcasts, and Google Assistant, it caused the weather application to fail.

Google Lens


  • Google Lens, which has a rounder logo than before, is one of the four main themes of Google. It also includes color in its design. This innovation also shows its effects in the Google Assistant tab and recents menu.

Google Podcasts


  • The Podcasts feature, which Google displays in search results, now gives users a “Latest First First” feature. It allows sorting by ” or by “Oldest First”. The new feature is located at the top right of the sorted podcasts as a three-line filtering option.


  • With the sleep timer, another new feature, Google Podcasts now stops after the specified time. In this way, it becomes much easier to wake up or listen to podcasts for a while before going to sleep.

Google Assistant


  • Adding your friends feature is already available in Google Assistant and can be used by users. Thanks to the innovation, new people can be added here without using the Assistant interface.

Weather Bug


  • Weather Card feature that Google rolled out this week, Weather It looks like his status has broken his app from working. While weather information can be accessed from the search engine in the Google App 9.72 beta update, the Weather app on the smartphone unfortunately does not work.

Unfortunately, there is no clear date for when the new update will be released to the end user. If you want to be informed about Google updates as soon as possible and get and experience these updates on your device, you can sign up for Google’s beta program here.

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