Google Assistant Not Available in Some Eligible Countries

Scott Huffman, in the keynote address of the I/O conference, said that the Assistant app is available on more than 1 billion devices in 80 countries and in more than 30 languages. However, in most countries, the application seems to be in beta version.

Google attributes country availability to language. However, even if the app can be set to English, French or German in any country, the company does not consider the app to be available worldwide. In other words, the Assistant app does not appear to be available in some countries where these languages ​​are used as official languages.


In some countries, the Assistant application is available, even if it is in beta. These include the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, China, Australia and many European countries.

But a few European countries such as Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova; The Assistant app is not available in some Arab countries such as the UAE, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, and some countries in central and southern Africa, such as South Africa, Congo, Uganda, and Kenya. It is unknown why the app is not available in these countries. In Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Poland and a few other countries, the private betas of the app are known to have been disbanded before it was released to the public. It is thought that these closed tests can be carried out in other countries as well. Otherwise, the application had to be available in countries such as Madagascar and Mali, where French is the official language.

Google did not make a statement on the matter. Because this situation has been the subject of curiosity by users in many countries.

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