Google Brings Hangouts Users to Chat

US-based technology giant Google launched in 2013. hangouts The messaging application named has come to the end of the road. According to the statements made on Google’s official blog page, Hangouts users will start to receive a notification as of today. Users, with this notification integrated into Gmail ChatThey will be redirected to the app.

As a matter of fact, it’s hardly surprising that Hangouts has come to an end. Company, in 2020with a statement that he will unplug Hangouts said but he did not mention how the process would work. Today’s statement is What to expect usersalso reveals.

Google Hangouts will be history in November 2022


According to the statements made by Google, users using Hangouts will not have any difficulties for migration. Google chats automaticallyIt will be moved under the chat service, that users allow this situation for transactions. sufficientsays it is.

Google Hangouts is a service that can also be used as a web version. If you are using this application as a web version, there is no notification for now. you will not receive . In the statements made by the company, it was stated that web version users will start to be warned in the future. By the way, for those who give up the application data download facility Let me tell you it’s offered. You can back up all your messages so far and download them to your computer.

After all this process is over, Google Hangouts will now be removed from the dusty shelves of history. The deadline announced by Google, November 2022

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