Google Brings Support for Foldable Phones

Google does not want to lag behind this trend, these days when foldable phones are spoken. So much so that Google has started working to make its applications fully compatible for foldable phones. The giant company’s first support for foldable phones will come from Google Photos. Considering that the world’s first foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fold, will be available in the global market on April 26, this can be seen as a welcome gift.

android support for Foldables

Future enhancements for those with foldable smartphones include ‘screen continuity’, where you can move your apps from one screen to another when folded, and ‘multi-resume’ that lets you open multiple apps at the same time. In this way, starting next week, Samsung Galaxy Fold users will be able to benefit from the advantages introduced by Google today. It’s also not the only change added in the last Google Photos update. As we announced to you yesterday, the iOS version of the application will now show which photos and videos are not backed up.

Although the changes we mentioned above have already been published on the Google Play Store, the innovations that the update will bring are naturally not yet in use. But at least we know what developments will happen.

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