Google Develops Reading Mode for Chrome Desktop

Although Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, it lacks many of the features found in most competing web browsers. In fact, what makes Chrome such a popular browser is that it works ‘well’ and Google syncs. However, according to the Chrome codes discovered by ZDNet, Google is finally bringing a reading mode to the web browser.

Reading mode eliminates ads, auto-play videos, JavaScript commands, pop-up notifications, or other screen-occupying elements on a standard web page. Only the images and text of the content remain on your screen. So you can focus on the content much better without encountering any distractions around.

Google has already brought the reading mode to Chrome Canary. After downloading Chrome Canary, you can test Google’s reading mode by going to chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. If you don’t want to deal with such a thing, the images below will clearly show the difference between reading mode and standard mode. (To view any page in reading mode, you need to click on the three dots (options) icon at the top right and select the parse page option.)



At the moment, we do not know when Google will bring this feature to the beta or stable version, but it is expected to start testing soon. The reading mode in Chrome Canary is just an alpha version of the reading mode coming to Chrome. Therefore, keep in mind that the reading mode may not sound exactly the same.

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