Google Forgot to Renew Domain Name in South Africa

Google did not renew the domain name in 2015 and the former company employee 12 dollars bought the domain name. This inexperience was talked about a lot. After about 7 years, Google came up with a similar news. This time, Google forgot to renew the domain name in South Africa. After the situation, Google’s website in South Africa ( to access for several hours.

While it does not provide access to the company’s search engine in South Africa, as a result of whois researches. duration of the address 25 June 2022ended in and 1 JulyIt was revealed that it was waiting to be deleted in .

google guney afrikadaki alan adini yenilemeyi unuttu technopat 1

While this inexperience of the company started to be talked about on social media, Google’s representatives made some statements to Android Authority on the subject. Company representatives said in a statement: “We are aware of the issue affecting the domain name and are continuing to work to restore it. In the meantime, South African users can access Google via the domain name, we recommend users to use this URL address.” gave their statements.

Immediately after this statement, the address was reopened. This event went down in history as the great inexperience of the company.

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