Google-Huawei Issue Could Alert All Brands

With Google suspending Huawei’s Android license, there has been a big question mark in the smartphone industry. Although the USA has only blacklisted Huawei for the moment, different brands and companies may appear as ‘enemy’ on the radar of the USA in the future and different bans may come.

Therefore, Google’s freezing of its partnership with Huawei is also an alarm for other smartphone companies. Unless the situation changes, Huawei will be forced to use the open source version of Android and will not be able to use the main Google services such as Play Store, YouTube, Gmail.


Although this ban was carried out by the USA, it affects the global smartphone market. Therefore, Huawei will have to produce a global solution, not a local one. The first of these is to create an application store that will allow users to make the most of their smartphones.

Other smartphone manufacturers, especially Chinese companies, may accept this move of the USA as a warning. Therefore, it is highly possible for them to create their own app store. Perhaps a few smartphone manufacturers will consider partnering up with an app store to rival the Play Store. In this case, Google is dragged into a very serious loss by the government.

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