Google Improved Search Results

Google started testing a new interface a few months ago that offered more tabs on the information about the topic you’re searching for. These innovations have finally started to be offered to users.

Search results now have a new pastel header format instead of bold, colored tab titles and different fonts, and tab lines are narrower but bolder. In addition, the Follow button has been moved from the left to the right. Without further ado, let’s move on to the changes:

(The first images show the old version and the other two images show the new version.)


you would see an information card with an inactive background. Now, a simpler information card with animations according to the weather is coming out.



There is not much difference in the search results of leagues and teams, but when you search for a specific player, you will now be able to find the player’s stats in a specific tab .


Fictional Characters

When you search for fictional characters from movies or TV shows, there will now be a tab that gives information about who is portrayed by them. In addition, fine details such as the personal characteristics of these characters, where they live, their date of birth or how many children they have will now appear in the search results.



When you search for authors on Google, there will now be a tab where you can see their works. Depending on the author, you will now be able to see the words or poems written by the authors as a tab.



When you search for a fruit, vegetable or animal food on Google, you will now see recipes related to the food you searched for. In this way, you will be able to decide more easily what you can do with this food.



With the new interface, now when you search for music groups, you will see a tab showing the group members. In this way, you will be able to better understand who looks like in the group.


In addition to this, the lyrics will come as a separate tab. When you search for the song, the lyrics will still appear below, but there will also be a separate tab for the lyrics.


With these changes, Google plans to offer users an easier use and it seems like it has been successful. You can take a look at these features by updating your Google app.

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