Google Introduces Food Ordering Service

Google has completed work on a system that will make it possible to order food directly from Google Search, Maps or the Assistant. On the other hand, Google will establish partnerships with important food service companies. The ordering system will be included in Google tools and it will be possible to make the payment via Google Pay.

Searches for restaurants that are included in the Google service in the near future, or when these restaurants are viewed on services such as maps, will have the “Order online” option.


This feature can also be used for voice assistant. “Hey Google, I don’t know, order food from the restaurant.” When you say so, the Assistant will order food for you. By using this feature, you can even order the dishes you order regularly with the ‘everyday’ feature, you don’t have to choose from the menu again. (Of course, that’s not the name of the feature, the names of the features are not clear yet.)


It is not yet clear how the service will work and in which countries it can be used actively. On the other hand, Google is trying to integrate major services into its system. If it makes a large enough and easy-to-use service entry, Google can direct other market players to work with it.

The US tech giant’s first-stage partners include major ordering platforms and foodservices. They will probably include the big food services in our country in this service. We will see together how successful the project will be.

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