Google Made a Design Change to the Search Results Page

Google has made various adjustments to the Search bar on mobile devices. The technology giant also started to publish its regulations today. With the new arrangement, when you search from your mobile devices, you will see the name of a website and a logo above each calling card.

If Google has a useful ad to show you, it will appear with a prominent ad tag and the site’s address. The new design will also allow you to buy movie tickets or play a podcast from the results page.


With these updates, the company aims to make it easier to identify where the information comes from. “The amount and format of information on the web has changed over the years, from the proliferation of images and videos to the availability of 3D objects that you can view with augmented reality,” Google said in a blog post.

The updates have arrived on mobile devices, but these changes can also be carried over to the desktop. It could also pave the way for bigger changes that Google talked about at its I/O developer conference earlier this month.

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