Google Unplugging Youtube Gaming On May 30th

About 3 years ago, seeing the rise of Twitch and other game streaming platforms, Google offered the Youtube Gaming application to users. Youtube Gaming, which could not achieve the desired goals and struggle with Twitch during this process, is closed.

As of the end of last year, many of the features have moved to the main application, the Youtube Gaming app was actually due to be shut down in March of this year, but it seems that Google has not been able to live up to that plan. The company announced a few days later that it will shut down the Youtube Gaming feature on May 30.


The application, whose feature transitions have been moved to Youtube since last year, will not be accessible as of May 30 and the application will transfer users directly to Youtube. This is seen as one reason why Google wants to keep everything in one basket.

After May 30, game contents will be on

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