Google Will Give Abortion Support To Its Employees

As you know, abortion has been banned in many states with the decision of the Supreme Court in the USA today. In the news we entered at noon today, we conveyed that the Silicon Valley giants Netflix and Tesla will provide abortion support to their employees.

Another Silicon Valley joins these companies. Google sent an email to its employees this afternoon. that you’re with me on abortionand stated that they will support the necessary procedures.

‘Abortion support’ email from Google to employees:


Fiona Cicconi, Google’s chief human resources officer, sent employees an email explaining Google’s stance on the court order. Email, Google employees for abortion without justification applying for relocation can be foundand when considering requests from persons responsible for the relocation process will be aware of the abortion situationemphasizes.

The summary of the email Google sent to its employees reads:

“This is a big change for the country that has deeply affected many of us, especially women. Please be mindful of how your colleagues are feeling and, as always, treat each other with respect.

Equality is very important to us as a company, and we share concerns about the impact this decision will have on people’s health, lives and careers. We will continue to work to make reproductive health information accessible across our products and to protect user privacy.

Our US benefits plan and health insurance to support Googlers and their dependents; Covers out-of-state medical procedures that are not available where an employee lives and works. Googlers can also apply for relocation without justification, and those overseeing this process will be aware of the situation.

We will be holding support sessions for Google employees in the US in the coming days. These will be published on Googler News. Please feel free to count on your Google community in the coming days and continue to take care of yourself and each other.”

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