GTA 3 Mod Producers Found the Game’s Developer Tools

Some enterprising GTA 3 YouTubers and mod makers have discovered some of the original developer tools Rockstar Games used to develop GTA 3 and have scrutinized the game’s fascinating development process.

Via Kotaku, YouTubers Vadim M and Badger Gooder released a joint video showing many of the debugging tools used in different builds of GTA 3. Some of them remain embedded in the codes of GTA 3, and many of them were developed for PlayStation 2.


Other debugging tools of GTA 3 were discovered in the mobile version. The hacker named Fire Head, who discovered the debugging tools in the mobile version, managed to integrate them into the PC version. Some of these features let you see models of characters, vehicles and hitboxes. Others offer developer features such as freelance camera usage.

For more detailed information, you can find the whole video here:

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