GTX 1630 Disappoints With Its Price

The GeForce GTX 1630, which came out as a cheap model, was the scene of many leaks before its release. Unfortunately, since everything became official, the news has gotten worse. We did not get what we expected in terms of both price and performance.

We first saw their prices in the Chinese market. Colorful launched its dual-fan design for $169 (1199 RMB). EVGA sells the GTX 1630 SC Gaming model for as high as $199. In fact, if you look at the product page here, you can see that there are more powerful and cheaper GPUs.

In the UK, popular PC manufacturer and components retailer Scan has started listing the Zotac GeForce GTX 1630 Gaming for £179.99 (around $215). However, it should be noted that 20% VAT is included in UK prices. Zotac’s card definitely looks cheaper than the EVGA SC Gaming model. Affordable price for the compact model with a single fan is normal. On the other hand, it is possible to say that a single fan is sufficient due to the low TDP of the GTX 1630.

There are many models such as GTX 1650, GTX 1650 SUPER and GTX 1660 that are more performance than GTX 1630. The price difference is not too high. As for the AMD side, there is an option like the Radeon RX 6400 that offers much higher performance over the GTX 1630.

GTX 1660 GTX 1650 SUPER GTX 1650 (G5) GTX 1650 (G6) GTX 1630
Architectural Turing Turing Turing Turing Turing
CUDA Cores 1408 1280 896 896 512
Boost Clock Speed 1785MHz 1725MHz 1665MHz 1590MHz 1785MHz
Clock Speed 1530MHz 1530MHz 1485MHz 1410MHz 1740MHz
Memory Interface 192 bits 128 bits 128 bits 128 bits 64 bit
TDP 120W 100W 75W 75W 75W
Maximum Resolution 7680×4320 @ 120 Hz 7680×4320 @ 120 Hz 7680×4320 @ 120 Hz 7680×4320 @ 120 Hz 7680×4320 @ 60 Hz
Multiple Monitors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HDCP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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