Half of Millennial Parents Get Domain Names for Their Kids

While 48% of millennial parents participating in OnePoll’s study think that their children should have an online identity at an early age, this rate drops to 27% in Generation X. In fact, 20% of millennial parents are considering changing their child’s name to the currently available domains.


GoDaddy MENA and Turkey Regional Director Selina Bieber said that she also bought a domain name for her child and spoke as follows on the subject:

“Internet is now an indispensable part of our lives. It’s a part of us and it’s very important that we have control over our online identity. Every day, we see that more and more people reserve a place for their children on the Internet, both to protect their future digital identity and to use it as an educational tool. As a millennial parent, I bought a domain name the moment we decided on our child’s name; I even researched available domains for inspiration. Looking at this trend, we see that registering a domain name is becoming as common as buying a stroller.”

Considering that the internet has a key importance for many businesses today, it would not be wrong to think that its importance will increase in the coming years. Therefore, getting a domain name with your child’s name can be one of the important investments that can be made on their behalf.

Also, having a domain name does not mean that you will set up a website for it immediately. The only thing you need to do in order not to lose it after buying a domain name is to renew it every year.

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