HBO Asia: “We Can Make Our Own Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones series is watched by millions of people all over the world. The series draws attention with its complex structure full of intrigue and rich background rather than its fantastic content.

HBO Asia director Jessica Kam-Engle said, “Asia is strong enough to create its own Game of Thrones in 10 years. “As we’re seeing right now, there’s a lot more big-budget TV productions, like in China, where they have pretty high production values,” he said.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kam-Eagle said, “From a narrative standpoint, there is an abundance of drama that tells about power struggles in Asian empires. If we add a few dragons to those, we get what lies at the heart of Game of Thrones,” he explained.

(European History with Webtechno: Game of Thrones, in terms of the weapons used and the technologies used by the indigenous people, has similar characteristics with Medieval Europe between 1450-1500. The Stark-Lannister struggle, the “War of the Roses” between the York and Lancester dynasties. ” period. The Tudor Dynasty gained power at the end of the struggle for the throne between the two dynasties. Some wars are similar to the story of the great wars in history with Game of Thrones families. For example, the Battle of Bastards is actually almost a copy of the Battle of Cannae. Examples of the Red Wedding are More than one. In other words, they are not studies that cannot be inspired by historical events. Especially the history of China and Japan is very colorful in this regard.)


Kam-Engle has many stories and stories that Asia can tell. He says he has many talented names he can use. According to the regional director, there is a need for TV series executives who can look at the issue on a large scale. On the other hand, Asia is not experiencing economic problems. The director cites China’s expensive productions and India’s production of hundreds of films a year as examples.

Kam-Engle says, “A production like Game of Thrones is created not by the effort of one or two people, but by the labor of thousands of experts. It requires the ability to focus on the global audience. The series has different production teams working in maybe four countries in one day. In this way, we may not be responsible for the series. In Asia, experts are traditionally trained to focus on the local audience. We don’t have professionals to target the world at this stage. We may have to have them brought from outside,” he says.

However, according to the director, the success of Asian-style Game of Thrones lies in its appeal to a local audience as well as a global audience. “Asian audiences have their own needs, and if we bypass that and go after a Chinese or Japanese production that will amaze the world, we may lose our local audiences as well.” Kam-Engle said, “We have to take care of our own neighborhood first.”


Frankly, the fact that Asia has many dragons in its stories also facilitates such cultural integration. Especially the unique wingless dragon figures of China and Japan are known by everyone.

(Note to the curious: There is also a dragon figure in our culture, but they are generally depicted as large snakes and are often referred to as snakes. These creatures, which are believed to be of Chinese origin, and called Nûğ Snake, are used in Central Asian Turkish Mythology. The most famous of them are Bükre (Bükrek, Bukra. Bükre would be a very beautiful girl’s name.) and Sangal. Bukre, which is depicted in white or light blue, is a good dragon, and black-colored Sangal is an evil dragon. Bukre, in a 9-year war, Sangal After defeating ., he comes and inspects the world every 1000 years.)

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