Here’s Artificial Intelligence’s New Goal: Being As Intelligent as an Animal

A very interesting experiment will be carried out in the coming days to test how far artificial intelligence can go. During the experiment, the team of researchers will assign tasks designed to measure animal intelligence to the AI. In the experiment, called the Animal and Artificial Intelligence Olympics (Animal-AI Olympics), a prize of more than $10,000 will be awarded to developers who develop top-of-the-line AIs.

This month, the team plans to announce a virtual ‘playground’ they have developed for the competition and a set of cognitive abilities where they will test artificial intelligence. After this announcement, researchers can now start training their AI to learn the playground.


In June, event organizers will subject AIs to 100 playground missions they’ve never seen before. All artificial intelligences will have only one task, just like intelligence tests applied to animals, and that is to find food. You can watch the promotional video of the Olympics below.

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