High Resolution New Galaxy Photo from NASA

Many galaxies are moving further and further away from our galaxy, the Milky Way. There are of course some exceptions.

On this subject, we can consider the Messier 90 galaxy. One of the few galaxies moving towards the Milky Way. Recently, NASA released an impressive photo of this galaxy. You can see the full size version here.


As the universe expands, many galaxies are moving further and further away from the Milky Way. Receding galaxies produce a phenomenon known as redshift and appear on the red side of the spectrum. As Messier 90 approaches us, it compresses the frequency of the light, thereby creating a phenomenon known as blueshift, approaching the blue side of the spectrum.


The Virgo cluster, of which Messier 90 is a part, is moving away from us. In contrast, Messier 90 is moving faster than other galaxies, approaching the Milky Way. The massive mass of the cluster allows some galaxies to accelerate to very high speeds.

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