How Many Dollar Billionaires Are In The World And Where Do They Live?

Becoming a dollar billionaire is probably the dream of all ambitious entrepreneurs. Research firm Wealth-X has investigated how many people in the world are worth a billion dollars or more.

2 thousand 604 people in the world are called billionaires. There is a decrease in the number of these people compared to last year, the number of these people was 150 more than last year. The total wealth of billionaires has also decreased. The total wealth of dollar billionaires, who had a total wealth of 9.2 trillion dollars last year, has decreased to 8.6 trillion this year.

The cities with the most billionaires in the world were also announced.


New York is at the top of the list. The number of billionaires residing in New York is 105. The billionaire population in this famous city of the USA has increased by two people since last year. New York became the only city with more than 100 billionaires.

Hong Kong took the second place. The number of billionaires living in this autonomous region of China is 87. Last year, there were 93 billionaires in Hong Kong.

San Francisco is in third place. In the city, which is home to 75 billionaires, the billionaire population has increased by 1 person since last year.

Other cities (and their billionaire numbers) completing the top 10 places were as follows:

  • Moscow (70)
  • London (65)
  • Beijing (55)
  • Singapore (39)
  • Los Angeles (39)
  • Dubai (38)
  • Mumbai (38)


When Shenzhen (37), Sao Paulo (33), Istanbul (32), Hangzhou (31) and Tokyo (28) are included in this list, 30 percent of the world’s dollar billionaires live in places. In general, while the number of dollar billionaires increases in the USA and western countries, the number of billionaires in Asia and Southeast Asia decreases. Istanbul is one of the cities where the number of billionaires has decreased since last year. The number of billionaires, which was 36 last year, has dropped to 32 this year.

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