How much tax will you pay for the products you buy from abroad

The tax exemption, which is applied for products purchased from abroad and whose price does not exceed 22 Euros, will expire on 30 May 2019. With the new regulation, regardless of the price of products brought from abroad to Turkey by cargo or mail, 18% customs tax will be applied if they come from European Union countries and 20% if they come from other countries.

With the publication of the new regulation in the Official Gazette, regular shoppers from online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Aliexpress began to wonder how much tax they would pay for the products they purchased. Necdet Çalışkan from Habertürk calculated how much tax would be paid for products brought from abroad.

Accordingly, we will pay a fee of 254.2 TL, including taxes, for a product with a price tag of 22 euro, which is the upper limit of tax exemption, that is, approximately 149.6 TL. This means that we will pay approximately 105 TL of tax for the product we buy from abroad for 150 TL. You can examine how the data will be at other price levels in the table below.


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