How to Activate Dark Mode in Windows 10?

Dark mode is now more popular than ever for digital services. While users want to use dark mode on all kinds of devices, manufacturers are trying to bring dark mode to devices from every segment in line with these requests. In this direction, Microsoft has placed some settings in order to experience the dark mode in the desktop operating system.

With the 1809 version of Windows 10, users have had the dark mode feature on their operating systems for a while. When this feature is enabled, File Explorer switches completely to dark colors and the windows of the applications adapt to it. In this article, we tell you how you can switch to the dark mode style in Windows 10.

How to activate dark mode?


To activate this mode, which is a nice detail of Windows, first click the Start button at the bottom left and the Settings icon that appears right after:


Click Personalization in the window that opens and go to the Colors tab:


In the color selection area at the top of the page, choose a color in dark gray tones. If you cannot see such a color, create it yourself from the section that says Custom color. With this option, your Windows theme will switch to a darker color, while other features such as window bars, Start and Control Panel will have dark mode.


After completing the above step, scroll down to find the “Choose your default app mode” setting and change it to “Dark”:


You can now close any open windows and open File Explorer to see if dark mode is active. Although it is described as dark mode, this method is found to be unsuccessful by many users because it has a “long path”.

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