How to ‘Clear Cache’ for iPhone?

Smartphones running Apple’s own mobile operating system, iOS, iPhones offer a much more stable and faster user experience than phones from other manufacturers. In some cases, slow downloads can be observed regardless of the age of the device or internet speed. The biggest reason for this is shown as unnecessary files that accumulate on the iPhone and are no longer used.


Caching technology has been in our lives for many years, allowing the websites, passwords, small photos, files you have entered to be stored and used again quickly, without waiting for the same data to be acquired, in case it is needed again in the future. This technology, which is also used in iPhones, can sometimes store unnecessary files and cause the device to slow down.


It would be a logical solution to make a habit of clearing your cache to allow your phone to run at full capacity. The fact that clearing the cache is very short and easy makes it even more doable. In this article, we will tell you how to clear cache on iPhone.

1. Clear the Safari cache.


  • Before performing this operation, be sure to take note of the usernames and passwords of all your accounts, as all your accounts will be logged out after the process.
  • Settings > Safarifollow the path.
  • Scroll down the pop-up window Delete History and Website DataFind the option and click on it.
  • In the warning Delete History and DataClick .

2. Clear the cache of third-party apps.


  • You can check the cache of all the apps you downloaded from the App Store, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.
  • To do this, first Settings > General > iPhone Storagefollow the path.
  • Here you will see which app is taking up how much space on your iPhone.


  • When you click on the application you want to clean Documents and Datainfo shows how much data the app stores outside of itself.
  • To completely remove the applications you do not use from your device “with their data”, written in red Delete AppClick .
  • Again in the next warning Delete AppYou can recover your device from unnecessary data by selecting .

3. Delete and reinstall apps.


  • If an app is taking up too much space (for example, Instagram keeps back up photos in the stream), delete that app by following the previous point.


  • After deleting the application, download the application again through the App Store.
  • Note that if the application you deleted is a paid application, you will not have to pay again.

When you follow the steps above, you will see that the slowdown problem on your iPhone smartphone will be greatly reduced, and you will see that the applications will open in a much shorter time as there will be less data to load. If the problem on your device is still not resolved, it would be useful to contact an Apple Authorized Service.

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