How to Format without USB?

We’ve all faced at least one problem with Windows. At this point, we wanted to tell you about how to format without USB when necessary, since clean installation is recommended for its convenience. In particular, in cases where Windows does not boot for various reasons, the shortest solution may be to format, and Microsoft must have considered users who do not have a USB memory stick, so they did not forget to add a recovery environment to Windows. If you wish, let’s move on to the explanation.

The only way to format your computer without USB is to use the recovery option. There are three ways to access this path. You can start the process by using one of the methods listed according to the problem you are experiencing or your preference. Also, if you are using a laptop, please make sure it is plugged in.

We use Windows 10 as an example in our article. However, the processes are also valid for Windows 11. This method, which you can use when Windows 10 does not open at all, is known to everyone thanks to its ease of application. To start the clean installation, simply follow the items below in order.

  • Start your computer normally. Then, when you see the Windows 10 or manufacturer logo on the screen, quickly shut down the system by pressing and holding the power key. Repeat this process two more times. On the third try, your computer will boot in automatic repair mode.
  • In the drop-down menu Advanced optionsClick the button.
  • If here TroubleshootClick .
  • In the options that pop up Reset This PCClick the button.


  • Click on Remove Everything and immediately below the warning text that follows. ResetClick .


  • After a short preparation Cloud Downloadand Local Reload options will appear. If you think that the Windows on your computer is damaged, you can get the operating system image from the Internet with Cloud Download to be sure. Let me also point out that this will take some time. Or you can perform a clean install in a short time with the recovery partition inside your computer using the Local Reinstall option.


  • Finally Fully Clean DriverYou can start the USB-free formatting process by clicking .


If you do not like to turn your computer on and off three times, it is also possible to enter the repair options from the login screen.

  • On your keyboard when you are at the login screen after starting your computer. ShiftPress and hold the key.
  • Shift While continuing to hold down , restart your computer from the power button on the login screen. Keep holding Shift until you see the repair options section.
  • From the options TroubleshootClick .


  • Subsequently Reset This PCto and Remove EverythingClick .
  • As in the first method Cloud Downloadand Local Reload You will be presented with options. After making the selection Fully Clean DriverYou can complete the process by clicking the button.

If you can open your computer without any problems, you can easily format it without USB from the Windows settings.

  • Enter Windows Settings.
  • From here, click on Update and Security and select Recovery from the menu on the left.
  • under the “Reset this PC” heading. get startedClick the button.

1 1

  • From the opened window Remove EverythingClick .

1 2

  • Here, as in other methods Cloud Downloadand Y Local Reload options are available. You can choose the one you find suitable.

1 3

  • Finally, at the bottom of the summarized to-do list Change Settings Click . Select the option below the question “Will the data be cleared?” Yeschange to and Reset Click . After a few minutes of preparation, the clean install will begin.

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In the article we prepared for our readers, we talked about how to format a computer with Windows 10 installed without USB. You can easily use these methods without a USB memory when you want to do a clean installation in order to easily get rid of a problem you have on your system. See you in our next articles. Stay cool.

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