How to Learn Motherboard Model?

Your motherboard is the plate on which all the components of your computer are attached. When you learn the model of your motherboard, you can identify other components that you can install in your system. You can use Windows’ own DxDiag tool for this, or you can use third-party software. If you want, let’s start with the simplest and smallest of these programs first. This program called CPU-Z is a free application that allows you to find out the motherboard model.

First, download CPU-Z from here. Extract the downloaded file to a folder and run the program named CPU-Z.exe in the folder. In the first window that appears, there is information about your processor. Now from the top mainboard Switch to tab. Here ModelYou can see your motherboard model in the section.

CPU Z Anakart Modeli Ogrenme
You can find out your motherboard model from the CPU-Z Mainboard tab.


  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer – The company that manufactured your motherboard. This could be different brands like MSI, Asus, Gigabyte or Foxconn.
  • Model: Your Motherboard Model – This model is usually named according to the chipset of the motherboard. When you ask a question in Technopat Social, you will specify this model.
  • Chipset:Chipset of your motherboard – This value indicates whether your motherboard is based on Intel or AMD.
  • Southbridge:south bridge.


  • brand – Specifies the type of your BIOS. There are companies that write BIOS such as American Megatrends (AMI), Award (now Phoenix) or Insyde.
  • version – BIOS Version. Indicates the BIOS version of your motherboard. Updating usually brings new processor support.
  • date – BIOS date. If this value is more than 2 years, your BIOS is out of date or your motherboard is old.

You can use AIDA64 to get even more detailed information about your motherboard. AIDA64 is more up-to-date and is constantly being updated as it replaces the program called Everest.

First, download the program from here. Extract the downloaded ZIP file to the folder and run AIDA64. Since the program has Turkish support, all you have to do is enter the Motherboard section. In the Motherboard Name section here, you can learn the brand and model of your motherboard, and even click on the links below to reach your motherboard manufacturer’s web page.

AIDA64 Anakart Modeli
After opening AIDA64, it is enough to switch to the motherboard tab from the left.

If you don’t want to use software, you can use Windows’ own DirectX Diagnostic Tool. On the other hand, the model of your motherboard may not always be written in this tool. To run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, type DxDiag in the Start Menu and click the result. Here you can see both your motherboard model and your BIOS version.

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Type msinfo32 here.
  3. The System Summary page will appear.
  4. The Base Board Product on this page is your motherboard model.
  5. For example, in our system, the Base Board Product is called X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM (MS-7A31). So our motherboard is X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM
Sistem Bilgisi Anakart Modeli
System Information will often show you your exact motherboard model.

You can also find your motherboard code in the System Model section, but this code does not specify the exact model of the motherboard as claimed. Companies can produce other motherboards with the same code. We do not recommend attempting to update your motherboard BIOS by referring to such erroneous guides. Technopat Social is a platform where you can find the right answer to all your questions and you can ask additional questions on Social.

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