Huawei CEO: We Are Ready to Conflict with the USA

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei met with members of the press this morning and made important statements about the Google-Huawei crisis. Expressing that Huawei is on its way to becoming a global technology leader, a conflict with the USA is inevitable, Zhenfei said that the company is fully prepared for this conflict.

Noting that the spare products they have been working on for many years are ready for supply and that Huawei will continue its production from where it left off, Zhenfei stated that the company can reveal its own operating system as a b plan. Zhenfei also stated that only half of the chips Huawei uses are US-made.


“We cannot be isolated from the world,” said Zhenfei. said. Zhenfei thanked US companies for their contribution to the development of Huawei and stated that most of his advisers came from US companies such as IBM.

When asked when this tension between the USA and Huawei will end, Zhenfei pointed the arrows at US President Trump and stated that these questions should be asked to US politicians, not companies. Zhenfei also expressed that they should be less dependent on US companies in general, but they want to continue working with them.

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