Huawei: EMUI Reaches 470 Million Daily Users

Huawei, which held a press event on its own interface, EMUI, built on the Android operating system in its homeland of China, made important statements about EMUI. According to the information conveyed by Wang Chenglu, head of the company’s consumer business group software division, EMUI serves 470 million daily active users.


In the last few years, Huawei and Huawei’s sub-brand Honor have grown significantly and become two of the world’s most popular smartphone brands, EMUI has also been used by users. drastically increased their numbers. EMUI is currently trying to provide a good experience to users in 77 different languages ​​in 217 countries of the world.

While explaining the large user base that EMUI has reached, Huawei also reminded some of the milestone features for the interface. ‘Easy and simple’ interface design with EMUI 5, GPU Turbo with EMUI 8.2, Link Turbo with EMUI 9 and improved file system with EMUI 9.1 and Huawei Ark compiler are some of them.

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