Huawei May Have Registered The Name Of The New Operating System

There was a lot of speculation about what the name of this operating system would be after the information that Huawei will completely abandon Android (even the open source code) and develop its own mobile operating system, which was revealed at the beginning of last week. A registration application that has emerged today indicates that the name of this operating system may be finalized.


As a result of the application made by Huawei to the National Intellectual Property Administration of China, the Chinese smartphone industry giant company applied for registration on itself for a brand name. In the registration applications of the company struggling with the sanctions of the USA; “Huawei Arc OS”, “Huawei Arc”, “Arc”and “Arc OS”listed with their names.


It is almost certain that Huawei, which produces an alternative to Android, the most used mobile operating system in the world, can use one of the names mentioned above for the new operating system. Although there has not been an official statement from the Chinese company yet, the name of the operating system was previously put forward. Hongmeng OSmobile operating system instead of the name Arc OSThe fact that ‘ sounds much better supports this idea.

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