Huawei Phones Can’t Use MicroSD Cards Anymore

Unless the US government changes the ban, Huawei products that will be released in the near future will not have a full-fledged Android operating system; Intel, Qualcomm or ARM processors will not be used. However, there is another issue we missed; new Huawei products will not have a microSD card slot.


The SD Association is a non-profit organization that sets memory card standards. The problem is that this association was formed in the US state of California. For this reason, the bans imposed by the USA against Huawei directly affect the SD Union. We won’t be able to see SD card slots on Huawei phones until the US ends Huawei sanctions.

The absence of an SD card slot may not be a big deal, as we see up to 256GB of internal storage in the flagship segment. However, phones in the middle and entry segment generally have less internal storage and MicroSD cards are used a lot in this segment phones. We will wait and see how Huawei will solve this situation.

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