Huawei Seeks Solutions Against Bans Together with Google

Abraham Liu, Huawei’s European representative, made important statements about the United States government’s commercial blacklisting of them and the consequent suspension of their partnership with Google. Liu said that the US government’s sanctions against Huawei are very clear bullying.


Expressing that when the 90-day period expires, both sides will obviously suffer, Liu stated that he believes that Google does not have any responsibility for the said ban and that they are trying to create a solution to this crisis together with Google, as they think that the company wants to continue working with Huawei.

Although Google declined to comment on the matter, Abraham Liu stated that Huawei was the victim of a bullying by the US government, the attack not only against Huawei, but also against the liberal, rules-based order. Liu underlined that the results will be negative for both companies.

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