Huawei’s P30 Pro Award-Winning Cloud Technology Competition

HUAWEI aims to reveal the next generation cloud software with the Idea Cloud competition. The prize of the competition will be the company’s new generation flagship smart device P30 Pro and the realization of the project.

HUAWEI, the smartphone manufacturer in which more than 450 Turkish engineers work with local and national R&D certificates in the field of software in Turkey, offers those who dream of the technologies of the future the chance to realize their ideas. In the competition called Idea Cloud, all graduate and undergraduate students, freelance software developers and HUAWEI employees are invited to throw their technology-filled dreams into HUAWEI’s idea cloud, regardless of their age.

Applications for the competition continue until 7 July. Finalists will be announced on 14 July. Presentations will be sent on 15-21 July. On July 27, the winners will be announced with an award ceremony.

The winning competitor will be rewarded with a HUAWEI P30 Pro, a second HUAWEI P30, and a third HUAWEI Watch GT. But more importantly, it is planned to turn the idea into a real product and open it up to the whole world from Turkey.

To learn more about HUAWEI Idea Cloud and to apply ideacloudhuawei.comYou can visit the website.

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